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Sea Stories EBook

Spanish Bloodhounds And English Mastiffs
The Club-hauling Of The Diomede
The Cruise Of The Torch
The Merchantman And The Pirate
"strange Sail! Right Ahead!"
Narrative Of The Mutiny Of The _bounty_
Fate Of The Castaways
Fate Of The Mutineers--colony Of Pitcairn's Island
The Wreck Of The _royal Caroline_
The Capture Of The Great White Whale
Second Day
Third Day
The Corvette _claymore_
The Merchants' Cup
A Storm And A Rescue
The Sailor's Wife
In Memory Of
Gaos Yvon
Near The Norden-fjord
Near The Norden-fjord
Near The Norden-fjord
The Salving Of The Yan-shan
The Terrible Solomons
El Dorado
Treats Of Ships In General
The Earliest Days Of Water-travelling
Rafts And Canoes
Ancient Ships And Navigators
The Mariner’s Compass—portuguese Discoveries
Boats Model-boat Making Etcetera
Lifeboats And Lightships
Docks And Shipbuilding
The Launch Etcetera
Coasting Vessels
Vessels Of Large Size
Wooden And Iron Walls
Origins Of Steamships—ocean-steamers Etcetera
The “great Eastern”
Curious Craft Of Many Lands
Adventures Of Captain Woodward And Five Seamen In The Island Of Celebes
An Occurrence At Sea
Account Of The Loss Of His Majesty's Ship Phoenix
An Account Of The Whale Fishery With Anecdotes Of The Dangers Attending It
Loss Of The Brig Tyrrel
The Loss Of The Peggy
Loss Of His Majesty's Ship Litchfield
Wreck Of The Rothsay Castle Steamer
Shipwreck Of The French Ship Droits De L'homme
The Loss Of His Majesty's Ship Queen Charlotte
A Scene On The Atlantic Ocean
Shipwreck Of The French Frigate Medusa
The Loss Of The Royal George
Loss Of The Aeneas Transport
The Absent Ship
Loss Of The Halsewell
An Account Of Four Russian Sailors Abandoned On The Island Of East Spitzbergen
Loss Of The Amphitrite Convict Ship
The Mutineers A Tale Of The Sea
Fate Of Seven Sailors Who Were Left On The Island Of St Maurice
Seamen Wintering In Spitzbergen
A Man Overboard
An Escape Through The Cabin-windows
Tom Cringle's Log
Loss Of The Nautilus Sloop Of War On A Rock In The Archipelago
Wreck Of A Slave Ship
The Wrecked Seamen
Adventures Of Philip Ashton Who After Escaping From Pirates Lived Sixteen Months In Solitude On A Desolate Island
Explosion Of His B Majesty's Ship Amphion
Loss Of H B M Ship La Tribune Off Halifax Nova Scotia
Burning Of The Prince A French East Indiaman
Wreck Of The Schooner Betsey On A Reef Of Rocks
Early American Heroism
Fingal's Cave
The Loss Of The Ramillies In The Atlantic Ocean
Preservation Of Nine Men In A Small Boat Surrounded By Islands Of Ice
Captain Ross's Expedition
Loss Of The Catharine Venus And Piedmont Transports And Three Merchant Ships
Wreck Of The British Ship Sidney On A Reef Of Rocks In The South Sea
Loss Of The Duke William Transport
Commodore Barney
Naval Battles Of The United States
The Acting Sub
The Mother Ship
Our Happy Home
Bloodless Surgery
The Lost Sheep
A Naval Menagerie
The Muckle Flugga Hussars
The Pirates
The Fog
The Traders
Potvin Of The Puffin
Pirate Life
Captivity Among The Japanese
A Sea-fight On The Cuban Coast
A Winter In The Frozen Ocean
The Shipwreck
Voyage To The East Indies



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