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Stamps EBook

Its Postal History
A Postmaster's Provisional
The First Issue
The Second Issue
The Perforated Pence Stamps
The First “cents” Issue
The First Dominion Issue
The 1c Orange Of 1869
The Large 5c Stamp
The Small “cents” Stamps
The 20c And 50c Stamps Of 1893
The 8c Stamp Of 1893
The Diamond Jubilee Issue
The “maple Leaf” Issue Of 1897
The “numeral” Issue Of 1898
The “map” Stamp Of 1898
The “2 Cents” Provisionals
The Bi-sected Provisionals
The 2c Carmine
The 20c Value Of 1900
The Queen Victoria Seven Cents
The King Edward Issue
The Quebec Tercentenary Issue
The King George Stamps
The War Tax Stamps
A Proposed Commemorative Series
Official Stamps
The Special Delivery Stamp
The Registration Stamps
The Postage Due Stamps
The “officially Sealed” Labels



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