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Download a copy of the Stories EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Stories EBook

The Reverse Of The Medal
The Monk-doctor
The Search For The Ring
The Armed Cuckold
The Duel With The Buckle-strap
The Drunkard In Paradise
The Waggoner In The Bear
Tit For Tat
The Husband Pandar To His Own Wife
The Eel Pasties
A Sacrifice To The Devil
The Calf
The Castrated Clerk
The Pope-maker, Or The Holy Man
The Clever Nun
On The Blind Side
The Lawyer And The Bolting-mill
From Belly To Back
The Child Of The Snow
The Husband As Doctor
The Abbess Cured [21]
The Child With Two Fathers
The Lawyer's Wife Who Passed The Line
Forced Willingly
The Damsel Knight
The Husband In The Clothes-chest
The Incapable Lover
The Cow And The Calf
The Three Cordeliers
Two Lovers For One Lady
The Women Who Paid Tithe
The Lady Who Lost Her Hair
The Man Above And The Man Below
The Exchange
At Work
The Use Of Dirty Water
A Rod For Another's Back
Both Well Served
The Butcher's Wife Who Played The Ghost In The Chimney
Love In Arms
The Married Priest
A Bargain In Horns
The Match-making Priest
The Scotsman Turned Washerwoman
How The Nun Paid For The Pears
Two Mules Drowned Together
The Chaste Mouth
The Scarlet Backside
Tit For Tat
The Real Fathers
The Three Reminders
The Muddled Marriages
The Right Moment
A Cure For The Plague
The Woman, The Priest, The Servant, And The
The Obliging Brother
Scorn For Scorn
The Sick Lover
Three Very Minor Brothers
The Lost Ring
Montbleru; Or The Thief
The Over-cunning Cure
Indiscretion Reproved, But Not Punished
The Woman At The Bath
The Woman With Three Husbands
The Jade Despoiled
The Virtuous Lady With Two Husbands
The Devil's Horn
The Considerate Cuckold
Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention
The Bird In The Cage
The Obsequious Priest
The Bagpipe
Caught In The Act
The Sleeveless Robe
The Husband Turned Confessor
The Lost Ass Found
Good Measure! [80]
Between Two Stools
Beyond The Mark
The Gluttonous Monk
The Devil's Share
Nailed! [85]
Foolish Fear
What The Eye Does Not See
A Husband In Hiding
The Fault Of The Almanac
A Good Remedy
The Obedient Wife
Women's Quarrels
How A Good Wife Went On A Pilgrimage
Difficult To Please
The Sore Finger Cured
A Good Dog
Bids And Biddings
The Unfortunate Lovers
The Metamorphosis
The Chaste Lover



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