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Download a copy of the Supernatural Metals EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Supernatural Metals EBook

Introduction Tincture
Of The First Tincture And Roots Of Metals
Of The Spirit Of Mercury
Of The Spirit Of Copper
Of The Spirit And Tincture Of Mars
Of The Spirit Of Gold
Of The Spirit Of Silver
Of The Soul Or Tincture Of Tin
Of The Spirit Of Saturn Or Tincture Of Lead
Stibium Or Antimony
Now We Come To The Manual Operation
In The Gout
In The Leprosie
In The Apoplexie
In The Dropsie
In A Hectick
In Agues
In The Plague
Its Multiplication
A Work Of Saturn
Why Is It As White As Snow?
Why Is It Sweet?
What Hath God In Us For Whose Sake He Hath Created All These Wonders And All These Things?
Now My Child Why Is Saturn Fluxible As Wax?
The Multiplication Of The Stone Now Perfected
Projection Upon Metal
Its Use In Physick
Its Use In External Diseases



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