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Download a copy of the Tricks EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Tricks EBook

Card Trick 2
Card Trick 1
Card Trick 3
Card Trick 4
Card Trick 5
Card Trick 6
Card Trick 7
Card Trick 8
Coin Trick
Coin Trick 2
Magic Bottle Trick
Magic Envelope Trick
Magic Tooth Pick
Pepper Trick
Rope Trick
Sugar Cube
Walk Through Paper Trick
magic Card Jump - magic card trick
Card in Wallet Prediction
Rabbit from silks
Card Magic Tricks Card on Ceiling
Quick Coin Vanish trick
The Floating Ring - an magic trick
Ice Baby Magic Trick
Coin Magic Trick
Disappearing Quarter magic trick
Hands off the Pack!
Impossible Mind Reader
Amazing Prediction
That's Odd
Double Cross
Only Time Will Tell
Come together
Best Buddies
Turning The Tables
It's Your Deal
As Many As You
Piano Duets
Mental Agility
Mental Agility Plus 1
Count On Me
3 In a Row
Ace Inspector Spade
The Magical Trio
Suits Me Fine
Follow My Leader
Seeing Red
Process of Deduction
Willing To Bet?
One Small Step!
Royal Confidante
Stop When U Like
A Cut Above the Rest
Card from the Box
The Three Inseparable Cards.
A Spectator becomes the Magician.
Mystery Card Location
Reversed Card
Joker Sandwich
Blown Away !
Do as I Do
Deceptive Divination
Amazing coincidence
Mystical Red Aces
Monte' Crysto
Wild West Aces
A card is selected and placed between two Black aces, in an instant the selected card disappears and then re-appears between two Red aces in the centre of the deck !
Silver Surprise
Amazing Card Production !
Card in a Bottle
Count of Monte' Crysto
Not Possible !
Gambling Aces
3 Card Monte
10 Card Trick
The circle card trick
The 4 Row Card Trick
Ilusionary Card Trick
Cut the Kings
Magnetic Cards
Into Thin Air
2 of a Kind
4 Friendly Kings
4 Friendly Kings (Variation)
Ace Party
After Drinks
All The Aces
Appearing Card
King of the Hill
Back Flip
The Bottom Card
The Changing Ace
Count Down
Cut To It
Abracadabra This is Your Card!



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