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Download a copy of the Voice EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Voice EBook

A Rational Vocal Method
The Choice Of A Teacher
On Breathing: Inspiration
On Breathing: Expiration
The Physiology And Psychology Of Voice-production
Pitch And Sympathetic Vibration
Registers Of The Voice
Subdivisions Of The Voice
The Stroke Of The Glottis
Hygiene Of The Voice
More Vocal Hygiene
Nodes And Their Cure
The Healthfulness Of Singing
Management Of The Breath
The Art Of Managing Choir Boys
Voice Training
Information On Voice-training Collected By The Salisbury Diocesan Choral Association
Pronunciation In Singing
Singing By Ear And By Note
Flattening And Singing Out Of Tune
On The Training Of Boys' Voices
The Special Difficulties Of Agricultural Districts
Notes On The Practice Of Various Choirmasters In Cathedrals &c
Notes On The Practice Of Various Choirmasters In Parish Churches
Alto Boys
Schools For Choristers
Concert Songs For Boys



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