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Download Wales Poetry EBook

Download a copy of the Wales Poetry EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Wales Poetry EBook

The Day Of Judgment
The Immovable Covenant
An Ode To The Thunder
The Deluge
The Shipwreck
An Address To The Summer
Song To Arvon
To The Spring
To The Nightingale
The Flowers Of Spring
To May
The Dawn
To The Daisy
The Lily And The Rose
The Circling Of The Mead Horns
Dafydd Ap Gwilym To The White Gull
To The Lark
Dafydd Ap Gwilym's Invocation To The Summer To Visit Glamorganshire,
A Bridal Song
The Legend Of Trwst Llywelyn
The Golden Goblet, In Imitation Of Gothe
The Sick Man's Dream
The Fairy's Song
Walter Sele
My Father-land
My Native Land
Ode To Cambria
An Ode On The Death Of Hoel
The Death Of Owain
Roderic's Lament
The Battle Of Gwenystrad
Taliesin's Prophecy
The Monarchy Of Britain
Farewell To Wales
The Castles Of Wales
The Eisteddfod,
Llywarch Hen's Lament On Cynddylan
The Lament Op Llywarch Hen
The Hall Of Cynddylan
The Vengeance Of Owain {96}
Childe Harold
Old Morgan And His Wife
Song Of The Foster-son, Love
The Rose Of Llan Meilen
My Native Cot
Under The Orchard Tree
The Banks Of The Dee
Gwilym Glyn And Ruth Of Dyffryn
The Lord Of Clas
The Rose Of The Glen
The Mountain Galloway
Glan Geirionydd
The Mother To Her Child After Its Father's Death
The Faithful Maiden
The Ewe
The Song Of The Fisherman's Wife
The Withered Leaf
Sad Died The Maiden
The World And The Sea: A Comparison
The Poor Man's Grave
The Bard's Long-tried Affection For Morfydd
The Grove Of Broom
That Had Been Converted Into A May-pole In The Town Of Llanidloes, In Montgomeryshire
The Holly Grove
The Swan
May And November
The Cuckoo's Tale
Dafydd Ap Gwilym's Address To Morfydd After She Married His Rival
From The Hymns Of The Rev William Williams, Pantycelyn
Translations From Miscellaneous Welsh Hymns
The Farmer's Prayer
The Praise And Commendation Of A Good Woman
Twenty Third Psalm
Short Is The Life Of Man
Concerning The Divine Providence
By The Rev Rees Prichard, Ma
Translated By The Rev William Evans



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