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Download a copy of the Weather Folklore EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Weather Folklore EBook

If The Sun Rise Red And Firey Wind And Rain
If Cloudy And It Soon Decrease Certain Fair Weather
Clouds: Small And Round Like A Dappley-grey With A North-wind Fair Weather For 2 Or 3 Days
Clouds Large Like Rocks Great Showers
If Small Clouds Increase Much Rain
If Large Clouds Decrease Fair Weather
Mists If They Rise In Low Ground And Soon Vanish } Fair Weather
Mists If They Rise To The Hill-tops } Rain In A Day Or Two
Mists A General Mist Before The Sun Rises Near The Full Moon Fair Weather
If In The New Moon Rain In The Old
If In The Old Rain In The New
Winds Observe That In Eight Years' As Many Wet Years As Dry
When The Wind Turns To North East
If It Turn Out Again Out Of The South
S W Winds
If It Return To The South Within A Day Or Two Without Rain
Fair Weather For A Week
Clouds In Summer Or Harvent
If Two Such Clouds Arise One On Either Hand It Is Time To Make Haste To Shelter
If You See A Cloud Rise Against The Wind Or Side Wind
Sudden Rains Never Last Long:
If It Begins To Rain From The South
If It Begins To Rain An Hour Or Two Before Sun Rising
Spring And Summer
Winter Time
If October And November Are Full Of Snow And Frost



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