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Download a copy of the Welsh Folk Lore EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Welsh Folk Lore EBook

Origin Of The Fairies
Names Given To The Fairies
Annwn_ Or Annwfn
Coblynau Or Knockers
Fairy Ladies Marrying Mortals
The Pentrevoelas Legend
The Ystrad Legend
The Llanfrothen Legend
The Myddvai Legend
The Cambro-briton Version Of The Myddvai Legend
Men Captured By Fairies
Elidorus And The Fairies
A Bryneglwys Man Inveigled By The Fairies
Story Of A Man Who Spent Twelve Months In Fairyland
A Man Who Spent Twelve Months And A Day With The Fairies
The Son Of Llech Y Derwydd And The Fairies
A Young Man Marries A Fairy Lady In Fairy Land And Brings Her To Live With Him Among His Own People
A Boy Taken To Fairy Land
Fairy Changelings
The Egg Shell Pottage
Corwrion Changeling Legend
Llanfwrog Changeling Legend
The Gore Goch Changeling Legend
Another Version Of The Gors Goch Legend
Garth Uchaf Llanuwchllyn Changeling Legend
Fairy Mothers And Human Midwives
Denbighshire Version Of A Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
Merionethshire Version Of The Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
The Corwrion Version
The Nanhwynan Version
Fairy Visits To Human Abodes
A Fairy Borrowing A Gridiron
Fairy Riches And Gifts
The Fairies Placing Money On The Ground For A Poor Man
The Fairies And Their Chest Of Gold
The Fairy Shilling
The Hidden Golden Chair
Fairy Treasures Seen By A Man Near Ogwen Lake
The Fairies Giving Money To A Man For Joining Them In Their Dance
The Fairies Rewarding A Woman For Taking Care Of Their Dog
Fairy Money Turned To Dross
A Cruel Man And A Fairy Dog
Dick The Fiddler And The Fairy Crown-piece
Fairies Working For Men
Fairy Dances
A Man Who Found Himself On A Heap Of Ferns After Joining In A Fairy Dance
The Fairies Threw Dust Into A Man's Eyes Who Saw Them Dance
A Man Dancing With The Fairies For Three Days
A Harper And The Fairies
A Three Hours Fairy Dance Seeming As A Few Minutes
The Elf Dancers Of Cae Caled
Fairy Tricks With Mortals
A Man Carried Through The Air By The Fairies
Fairy Illusions
Fairy Men Captured
Gwyddelwern Version
The Llandrillo Version
The Snowdon Version
The Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Version
Fairies In Markets And Fairs
Names Of Things Attributed To The Fairies
Fairy Pipes
Fairy Whetstone
Fairy Hammer And Fairy Or Elf Stones
Ymenyn Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Butter
Bwyd Ellyllon Or Goblins' Food
Menyg Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Gloves
Yr Ellyll Dan Or Goblin Fire
Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg Or The Ropes Of The Fairies
Fairy Knockers Or Coblynau
The Pwka Or Pwca
Fairy Or Mythic Animals
Cwn Annwn Or Dogs Of The Abyss
The Fairy Cow
Y Fuwch Frech The Freckled Cow
The Legend Of Llyn Y Ddau Ychain
Y Fuwch Gyfeiliorn The Stray Cow
Ceffyl Y Dwf The Water Horse
The Torrent Spectre
Gwrach Y Rhibyn Or Hag Of The Mist
Mermaids And Mermen
Stories Of Satan Ghosts Etc
Satan Playing Cards
Satan Playing Cards At A Merry Meeting
Satan Playing Cards On Rhyd-y-cae Bridge_ _pentrevoelas
Satan Snatching A Man Up Into The Air
Satan Frightening A Man For Gathering Nuts On Sunday
Satan Taking Possession Of A Man Who Fished On Sunday
Satan Appearing In Many Forms To A Man Who Travelled On Sunday
The Evil Spirit Appearing To A Man Who Frequented Alehouses On Sunday
Satan Outwitted
Satan And Churches
The Ejectment Of The Evil Spirit From Llanfor Church
An Evil Spirit In Llandysilio Church Montgomeryshire
A Spirit In Llangerniew Church_ _denbighshire
Satan And Bell Ringing
Mysterious Removal Of Churches
Apparitions Of The Devil
The Devil Appearing To A Dissenting Minister At Denbigh



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