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Download a copy of the Wise Facts EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Wise Facts EBook

Bogardus' Liniment
Healing Salve
Specific Inflammatory Rheumatism
Another Salve
Magnetic Ointment
Ointment Stramonium
Cathartic Pills
For Heartburn Lozenges
Another Cough Cure Good
Tetter Ointment
A Sure Cure For Piles
Fever And Ague
Corns - A Sure Cure And Painless Eradication
Magic Oil
Cure For Sore Throat In All Its Different Forms
Drops Of Life
Catarrh Positive Cure
Cough Drops
Eye Water
To Remove Tape Worm
A Sure Cure For Small Pox
To Strengthen And Invigorate The System
Sure Corn Cure
Russia Salve
Paradise Liniment
Court Plaster
A Certain Cure For Drunkenness
French Lustral
Lung Medicine
Toothache Drops
Magnetic Toothache Drops
Green Mountain Salve
Warts And Corns To Cure In Ten Minutes
Liniment Good Samaritan
Plain Court Plaster
A Cure For Cancer As Used By A New York Physician With Great Success
Davis' Pain Killer
August Flower
Blood Purifier Bbb
Boschee's German Syrup
Centaur Liniment
Harter's Iron Tonic
Hall's Balsam For The Lungs
Godfrey's Cordial
Hall's Honey Of Hoarhound And Tar
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
Hop Bitters
Hostetter's Bitters
Injection Brou
Jayne's Expectorant
Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge
Mustang Liniment
Sss Fluid
Smith's Tonic
Sozodont Fragrant
Shaker's Cutive Syrup
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Brown's Bronchial Troches
Succus Alterns Mcdade's
Seven Seals Of Golden Wonder
Wakefield's Wine Bitters
St Jacob's Oil
Piso's Consumption Cure
Warner's Tippecanoe Bitters
Warner's Safe Cure
Wakefield's Blackberry Balsam
What To Do
Scalds And Burns
Body In Flames
Dirt In The Eye
Lime In The Eye
Iron Or Steel Spiculae In The Eye
Dislocated Thumb
Cuts And Wounds
Bleeding From The Nose
Violent Shocks
Fainting Hysterics Etc
Apparent Death From Drunkenness
Apoplexy And Fits Generally
Suffocation From Noxious Gases Etc
Lightning And Sunstroke
The Mind Cure
Opium And Other Narcotics
Alcoholic Poisoning
Nitrate Of Silver
Mercury Or Arsenic



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