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Download a copy of the Furniture Making EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Furniture Making EBook

Home-made Mission Chair
How To Make A Lamp Stand And Shade
How To Make A Porch Chair
How To Make A Tabouret
How To Make A Morris Chair
Home-made Mission Book Rack
How To Make A Mission Library Table
Home-made Mission Candlestick
Another Style Of Mission Chair
How To Make And Finish A Magazine Stand
Home-made Lawn Swing
How To Make A Portable Table
How To Make A Combination Billiard Table And Davenport
Easily Made Book Shelves
A Blacking Case Tabouret
How To Make A Roll Top Desk
How To Make A Roman Chair
How To Make A Settee
How To Make A Pyrographer's Table
Mission Stains
Filling Oak
Wax Finishing
The Fuming Of Oak
How To Make Black Wax
The 40 Styles Of Chairs
How To Make A Piano Bench
How To Make A Mission Shaving Stand
A Mission Waste-paper Basket
A Cellarette Pedestal
A Dresser
A Mission Sideboard
A Hall Or Window Seat
A Mission Plant Stand
A Bedside Medicine Stand
A Mission Hall Chair
An Oak Buffet
Oak Stain
A Plain Oak Hall Clock
A Rocking Chair
A Curved Back Arm Chair
A Plate Rack
Tool For Marking Dowel Holes
A Magazine Table
A Waste Paper Basket
An Oak Writing Desk
An Oak Couch With Cushions
Electric Shade For The Dining Room
How To Bend Wood
A Smoking Stand
A China Closet
A Leather-covered Footstool
Arts-crafts Mantel Clock
A Music Stand
Making Screws Hold In The End Grain Of Wood
A Wall Case With A Mirror Door
A Side Chair
An Arm Chair
A Bookcase
A Lamp Stand
An Extension Dining Table
An Oak-bound Cedar Chest
A Tool For Making Mortises
A Dresser For Child's Playroom
Cutting Tenons With A Hand-saw
Arts And Crafts Oil Lamp
Another China Closet
An Oak Bedstead
An Oak Footstool
A Library Set In Pyro-carving
A Grille With Pedestals To Match
A Lady's Writing Desk
A Telephone Stand And Stool
How To Make A Dowel-cutting Tool
A Medicine Cabinet
A Piano Bench
A Library Table
A Princess Dresser
A Sewing Box
A Fern Stand
A Wardrobe
A Finish
An Oak Table
Book Trough
An Oak Serving Table
An Umbrella Stand
A Chafing-dish Buffet
A Writing Desk
Music Rack And Bookstand
A Dictionary And Magazine Stand
A Leather Back Arm Chair
A Wall Shelf
A Pedestal
Magazine Rack
A Hall Tree
A Table For The Den
A Burlap-covered Window Seat
Quarter-sawed Oak Settee
A Screen
A Mission Bookrack
A Round Extension Dining Table


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