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Download World Wars EBook

Download a copy of the World Wars EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

World Wars EBook

Why The United States Entered The War
America Comes In
Pershing At The Tomb Of Lafayette
America Enters The War
The First To Fall In Battle
Four Soldiers
The Poilu
The Tommy
The Yank
Where The Four Winds Meet
The United States Marines
The Soldiers Who Go To Sea
When The Tide Turned
Where The Tide Turned
To Wish To Take Away One From The Immortal Glory Which Belongs
Just Before The Tide Turned
The Turning Of The Tide
A Boy Of Perugia
Redeemed Italy
Song Of The Aviator
Nations Born And Reborn
To Villingen--and Back
Vive La France 1
The Call To Arms In Our Street
The Kaiser's Crown
The Quality Of Mercy
The Really Invincible Armada
I Knew You Would Come
The Searchlights
Fighting A Depth Bomb
The Second Line Of Defense
U S Destroyer _osmond C Ingram_
Joyce Kilmer
Blocking The Channel
The Fleet That Lost Its Soul
The Little Old Road
Harry Lauder Sings
The Thirteenth Regiment
Where Are You Going Great-heart?
The Capture Of Dun
Bombing Metz
The Unspeakable Turk
The Secret Service
At The Front
A Carol From Flanders
The Miner And The Tiger
The Lost Battalion
United States Day
November 11 1918
Waiting For The Flash
In Memoriam
The United States At War--in France
The United States At War--at Home
A Congressional Message
President Wilson In France
Sergeant York Of Tennessee



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