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Download Yiddish Tales EBook

Download a copy of the Yiddish Tales EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Yiddish Tales EBook

Reuben Asher Braudes
The Misfortune Or How The Rav Of Pumpian Tried To Solve A Social Problem
Earth Of Palestine
Isaac Loeb Perez
A Woman's Wrath
The Treasure
It Is Well
Whence A Proverb
Mordecai Spektor
An Original Strike
A Gloomy Wedding
The Clock
Fishel The Teacher
An Easy Fast
The Passover Guest
Eliezer David Rosenthal
Yom Kippur
Isaiah Lerner
Bertzi Wasserfuehrer
Ezrielk The Scribe
Yitzchok-yossel Broitgeber
Judah Steinberg
A Livelihood
At The Matzes
David Frischmann
Three Who Ate
Micha Joseph Berdyczewski
Military Service
Isaiah Berschadski
Forlorn And Forsaken
The Hole In A Beigel
As The Years Roll On
David Pinski
Reb Shloimeh
S Libin
A Picnic
Yohrzeit For Mother
Slack Times They Sleep
Abraham Raisin
Shut In
The Charitable Loan
The Two Brothers
Lost His Voice
The Kaddish
Avrohom The Orchard-keeper
Hirsh David Naumberg
The Rav And The Rav's Son
Meyer Blinkin
Women A Prose Poem
Loeb Schapiro
If It Was A Dream
Shalom Asch
A Simple Story
A Jewish Child
A Scholar's Mother
The Sinner
Isaac Dob Berkowitz
Country Folk
The Last Of Them
The Clever Rabbi



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