A Japanese Story Hashnu the Stonecutter sat beside the highway cutting stone. It was hard work, and the sun shone hot upon him. "Ah me!" said Hashnu, "if one only did not have to work all day. I would that I could sit and rest, and not h... Read more of Hashnu The Stonecutter at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Download a copy of the Yiddish Tales EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Yiddish Tales EBook

Reuben Asher Braudes
The Misfortune Or How The Rav Of Pumpian Tried To Solve A Social Problem
Earth Of Palestine
Isaac Loeb Perez
A Woman's Wrath
The Treasure
It Is Well
Whence A Proverb
Mordecai Spektor
An Original Strike
A Gloomy Wedding
The Clock
Fishel The Teacher
An Easy Fast
The Passover Guest
Eliezer David Rosenthal
Yom Kippur
Isaiah Lerner
Bertzi Wasserfuehrer
Ezrielk The Scribe
Yitzchok-yossel Broitgeber
Judah Steinberg
A Livelihood
At The Matzes
David Frischmann
Three Who Ate
Micha Joseph Berdyczewski
Military Service
Isaiah Berschadski
Forlorn And Forsaken
The Hole In A Beigel
As The Years Roll On
David Pinski
Reb Shloimeh
S Libin
A Picnic
Yohrzeit For Mother
Slack Times They Sleep
Abraham Raisin
Shut In
The Charitable Loan
The Two Brothers
Lost His Voice
The Kaddish
Avrohom The Orchard-keeper
Hirsh David Naumberg
The Rav And The Rav's Son
Meyer Blinkin
Women A Prose Poem
Loeb Schapiro
If It Was A Dream
Shalom Asch
A Simple Story
A Jewish Child
A Scholar's Mother
The Sinner
Isaac Dob Berkowitz
Country Folk
The Last Of Them
The Clever Rabbi



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