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Create your own custom ebook with the content you want. It's as easy as browsing or searching any of the sites on Once you find a piece of content that interests you simply bookmark the page. All of these bookmarks get saved to your profile on and you can easily make a custom ebook from it.

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Here's a small sample of the topics you can find.

  Supernatural Metals     Music Lessons     Historic Tales     Barometer Guide     Ghost Stories     Baseball Guide     Wise Facts     Fiction Writing     Baseball Stories     Psychotherapy     Free Jokes     Biography     Prayers     Auras     Forgotten Remedies     Furniture Making     Interior Design     Monophysitism     Stories     Joke Topics     Medicine History     Opera Physiology     History India     War Stories     Lyrics     Opera Stories     Rent     Stock Buying     Mystery Stories     Gardening Articles     Famous Stories     DreamBook     The Mind     Mysticism     Wood Turning     Jokes     Humour Scenes     Dealing with Fear     Curious Punishments     Prayer Articles     Camping     Stars.html     Insane British     Witch Craft     Dogs     Queen Adelaide     Mules     Meteorological Instruments     Insects     Recipes     History of Toronto     Opera History     Catholic     Imagination     Business Letter     Smoking     Math Puzzle Questions     Fortune Telling     Sea Stories     Bee Keeping     Crystal Reading     Singing Choirs     Canadians     Wealth     Bird Stories     Baseball Rules     Amateur Astronomy     Science Fiction     Stamps     Tricks     Giving Up Alcohol     Punctuation     Yiddish Tales     Short Stories     Colonization of North America     Cats     Rock Garden     Music Terms     Religion Articles     HowTo     Rosicrucian Articles     Intelligence     Courage     Queen Mary     Curious Facts about Authors     Dying     Mens Bible     Goths     Flowers     News Writing     Birds     Slavery     Baseball Poems     Forgeries     Self Mastery     Buddha Gospel     Samurai     Cucumbers     Mind Reading     Whiskey Making     Agriculture     Forensics     Kid Games     Presbyterian     Sings     Wax Flowers     Hero Stories     Stories Jokes     World Wars     Jests     Samurai Religion     Speeches     Thoughts on Materials     Church History     Mechanical Drawings     Military Training     Sioux Myths     Gardening Directory     Speaking Writing     Romance Stories  

Other People's EBook Creations

Below are some other members bookmarks they have made into ebooks
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