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Create your own custom ebook with the content you want. It's as easy as browsing or searching any of the sites on Once you find a piece of content that interests you simply bookmark the page. All of these bookmarks get saved to your profile on and you can easily make a custom ebook from it.

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Here's a small sample of the topics you can find.

  Voice     Saints     Queen Mary     Lecturing     Beer Making     Fiction Writing     Mystery Stories     Crowds     Forgeries     Secret Service     Bible Myths     Rock Garden     List of Herbs     Ghost Stories     Intelligence     Mongol History     Apple Growing     Welsh Folk Lore     Speaking Writing     Thoughts on Materials     Mules     Rent     Home Dentistry     Famous Stories     New England Trees     Joke Topics     Self Hypnosis     Household Tips     Ducks     Manufacturing and Economy of Machinery     Bee Keeping     Christmas History     Humour Scenes     Small Gardens     Mechanical Drawings     Guinea Pigs     Woodworkings     Stories Jokes     Economic Theory     War Stories     Auras     Sioux Myths     Animal Stories     Church History     Whiskey Making     Naturalism     Baseball Poems     Rosicrucian Articles     Electricity Farm     Smoking     Code of Honor     Steel     Protectionist     Stonehenge     Math Puzzle Questions     Queen Adelaide     Religion Articles     Morals     Colours     Windsor Castle     Clovers     Siouan     Articles     Smoking Poems     Cattle     Westerns     Mythical Creatures     Bahai     History of Germany     Barometer Guide     Slavery     Biography     History Christianity     Jests     Punctuation     CrystalGazing     Kid Games     Tricks     History of Australia     Reincarnation Articles     Kids Craft     Christmas     Amateur Astronomy     Trees     Prayer Articles     Yiddish Tales     Insane British     Sea Operations     History India     Prayers Answered     Opera Physiology     Mind Reading     Opera Stories     Military Training     Music Lessons     Flowers     Agriculture     Cat Stories     Self Mastery     Bear Stories     Carpentry     Wood Turning     Science Experiments     Prophecy Studies     Clairvoyance     HowTo     Medicine History     Monophysitism     Curious Facts about Authors     British Navy     United States History     Stories     Photography     Plumbing     Furniture Making     Palm Reading     Aesthetics     Warbook     History of the Devil     Psychic Research  

Other People's EBook Creations

Below are some other members bookmarks they have made into ebooks
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