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Create your own custom ebook with the content you want. It's as easy as browsing or searching any of the sites on Once you find a piece of content that interests you simply bookmark the page. All of these bookmarks get saved to your profile on and you can easily make a custom ebook from it.

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Here's a small sample of the topics you can find.

  Christmas History     HowTo     Dogs     Famous Stories     Queen Adelaide     The Mind     Hand Writing     History of Germany     News Writing     History of the Devil     Science Experiments     Sleights     Advice for Singers     Dog Stories     History of Australia     Deaf Anecdotes     Psychotherapy     Curious Punishments     Historic Tales     Protectionist     Mules     Climatic Changes     Small Gardens     Children Bible     Presbyterian     Home Dentistry     Walnut Growing     Queen Mary     Smoking     Fur Animals     Bible Myths     Rock Garden     Bird Stories     Stamps     Westerns     Crystal Reading     Myths     Opera Physiology     Manufacturing and Economy of Machinery     Pony Express     Witch Craft     InDoor Gardening     List of Herbs     Carpentry     Palm Reading     Mongol History     Things Worth Knowing     Dog Poems     Curious Facts about Authors     Birds     Christmas     Courage     Animal Anecdote     Reincarnation Articles     Joke Topics     Bee Hunting     Heros     Naturalism     Mind Reading     Vegetables     Recipes     Ducks     Medicine Terms     Martin Luther King Poems     Cat Stories     Spells     Rural Architecture     History Christianity     How to Succeed     Beer Making     Symbol     Cattle     Secret Service     Fortune Telling     Lyrics     Martin Luther King Articles     Catholic     Science Fiction     Children Stories     Puns     Amateur Astronomy     Siouan     Saints     Whiskey Making     Singing Choirs     Mechanical Drawings     Romance Stories     Jests     Plumbing     Auras     Slavery     Asparagus     Anecdotes     Goths     Religion Articles     Making Hats     Stock Buying     Mystery Stories     Sings     Sioux Myths     Music Lessons     Morals     Electricity Farm     Prayers Answered     Speaking Writing     New England Trees     Stories Jokes     Kid Games     British Navy     Opera History     Dealing with Fear     Preaching     Smoking Poems     Church History     Articles     Tea     King Henry the VIII     Welsh Folk Lore     Weather Folklore     Math Puzzle Questions  

Other People's EBook Creations

Below are some other members bookmarks they have made into ebooks
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