Latest Advancements In ED Treatment

ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a chronic condition that affects men and their ability to have sex. Men with ED will show an inability to keep the erection for long to have sex. It is a common issue and the occurrence increases with age. There are advanced treatments available but it may not work for many. Researchers in Gainswave Phoenix AZ are finding newer ways of treatment to effectively handle this situation. You can find out more about shock wave therapy which is known to be a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction wherein the condition will improve or sometimes even cure.

Managing lifestyle and medications are the current treatment for erectile dysfunction. One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is the lifestyle. If you are diabetic, you have more chances of getting affected with erectile dysfunction. You need to make modifications in your lifestyle that will help you manage your health. Some of these include, so smoking and limiting alcohol, avoid drugs, manage weight, exercise regularly, and have a healthy diet. If this does not work out, doctors will put you on medications. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor is the go-to medication for erectile dysfunction.

This includes sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil. Other sets of medications available in the market include avanafil, lodenafil, mirodenafil, and udenafil. The last three medicines on the list are not approved by the FDA. These medicines are quite effective and can have lasting effects. It will not cause an erection automatically. You will need sexual stimulation to cause the erection. There could be some side effects like headache, flushing, backache, nasal congestion, lightheadedness, visual changes, and upset stomach. These medications may not be safe if you are already taking medications for chest pain, low blood pressure, and heart disease.

Some of the advanced and future treatments for erectile dysfunction include stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, vascular stent, shockwave therapy, and penile transplant. Stem cell therapy involved injecting stem cells into the penis. Research suggests that it can be a safe and effective treatment. Platelet-rich plasma therapy for ED is in the stage of preclinical trials and clinical trials. It does show some adverse effects. A vascular stent can be effective in treating ED. A few trials have shown promising results. Just like his coronary stents are used to treat heart diseases, researchers are hoping that stents can work with erectile dysfunction as well.

Penile transplant is another line of treatment that has seen a few successes. The first penis transplant was done in 2018 at John Hopkins. The complete penis and the scrotum were transplanted. The patient who is an injured soldier is expected to have a near-normal recovery of sexual and urinary function. The doctors are still in the learning process with each transplant. They are yet to ascertain the efficacy and long term safety of this method. Shockwave therapy is a recently invented advanced treatment for erectile dysfunction. It involves passing sound waves of less intensity to the erectile tissue to improve blood flow and cause the growth of new blood vessels.

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