Month: April 2021

Cedar is one of the most durable softwoods, with excellent noise reduction, insulation, and durability. Many people associate cedar as a building material with the warm aroma of cedar closets, but cedar is also an excellent siding material for your home’s exterior. Architects think creatively, like adding a Wood Siding Toronto to preserve and restore the older building during renovations. Instead of demolishing the house and rebuilding it, architects use innovative solutions like adding a wood siding to bring a contemporary look while retaining the history of the building. You can review the details here on how one architect converted his 1920s bungalow into a modern house while preserving the heritage. The project shows that there are alternatives to teardowns, even for a small cottage. Cedar sidings not only bring modernity to the house but also has a host of other benefits.

Benefits Of Cedarwood Sidings

Cedar is a common natural building material. Moisture, rot, insects, and other environmental threats don’t bother it. Because of their exquisite amber hue, low weight, and stunning texture, cedarwood sidings are used in various exterior and interior projects. The most common form of exterior cedar siding is bevel siding, which is made up of alternating layers of recessed panels. The installation of cedar wood siding, as well as subsequent repairs, is normally not difficult. Compared to artificial exterior siding alternatives, cedar needs little maintenance and comes in many different designs and colors.

Is Eco-Friendly

The majority of cedar sidings are constructed from reclaimed wood and can be found locally. Sidings that are sourced locally reduce pollution by avoiding having to be trucked to longer distances. The cedar sidings can keep the heat exchange to a minimum by storing heat better. In comparison to fiber-cement and synthetic aluminum, all Cedar products take less time to manufacture. Cedar is a natural resource that can be easily recycled and regenerated. In addition, as compared to other components, it emits fewer greenhouse gases.

Has Inherent Natural Quality

Though cedar can withstand the elements independently, applying a sealant or coat of paint can intensify the color and shield the wood from the elements. The red color of cedar will fade to grey in around a year if left untreated. Cedar, in particular, is a common choice for high-end home design. Applying a coating to shield wood siding from the elements can help it last longer. Cedar incorporates oil, a special natural preservative that allows us to avoid using synthetic chemicals. Arsenic and copper additives commonly used to preserve other wood siding materials can be hazardous to one’s health.

Has An Awesome Scent And Aesthetic

Surround yourself with the soothing scent of natural cedar. For decades, cedar has been prized by architects for its natural elegance. It goes for every architectural style and taste, from traditional to contemporary. Cedar is a versatile wood that can take various finishes, from sturdy coatings and painting to fine oils and stains. It has a distinct fragrance that comes from the heartwood.