Month: October 2021

When it comes to PowerPoint presentation design, there are a lot of options available to you. However, not all PowerPoint designs and combinations are successful. You can download a PowerPoint template and input your content into pre-made slide styles to make your presentation look more professional. Find out more on the latest PowerPoint styling ideas with the various templates and themes here.

What Are PowerPoint Features?
The basic features that are available with every PowerPoint application are:

  • PowerPoint’s Smart Shapes feature allows you to create diagrams and flow charts without additional software.
  • PowerPoint allows you to create custom shapes using the Subtract tool and crop images into custom shapes using the crop tool.
  • You can embed websites directly into your slideshow using third-party software that integrates with PowerPoint’s developer tab in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Furthermore, you can embed a webpage or YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation without interrupting your presentation.
  • GIFs can be used in PowerPoint presentations to be amusing or to demonstrate a process quickly.

Steps To Take While Operating PowerPoint
You have to take certain cautious steps to operate a PowerPoint successfully.

  • Save your PowerPoint presentations as JPEGs to avoid font changes when viewed on different computers. If you want your PowerPoint presentation to appear animated and avoid loading time issues in PowerPoint, you’ll need to save JPEG images of each “frame” of the animation.
  • PowerPoint allows you to embed video/audio files directly into your presentation, but Mac users should exercise extra caution when working with multimedia files. If you are using PowerPoint for Mac, you must always bring the video and audio file with you. Using PowerPoint for Windows, you must ensure that the multimedia files are in the WMV format.

Types Of PowerPoint Presentations
Newer versions of PowerPoint will suggest design ideas for your presentation based on the information you’re presenting. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 provides various shape options, including rectangle, oval, and rounded rectangle patterns. Whereas PowerPoint Design 6 allows you to make fine adjustments to your objects using the “Format Menus”. Therefore, advanced versions of PowerPoint 2010 and 2011 have a Presenter View tool, which allows you to take notes and show your presentation simultaneously. There are many features included with newer versions, and some of the classic examples are mentioned below.

  • Doug Kessler’s presentation is excellent, with the notebook feature that is quite innovative. The presentation here is self-reflective and an excellent copy option.
  • Accenture’s presentation uses shapes and graphics to create a contrast between the text and the background.
  • MarketingProfs’ presentation is one of the most remarkable you’ll see because of the hand-drawn illustrations.
  • Stinson’s presentation example uses a variety of colors and font weights to create contrast and point out specific concepts.

The Bottom Line
PowerPoint is a powerful tool that makes it easy to create presentations for your clients. It offers vibrant colors and ample white space to convey a feeling of calm and elegance. The major benefit is that while presenting a large amount of information in a short period, it’s a good idea to use a visual plan to make the presentation easier to understand.