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No matter how you feel about it, the pandemic has made people realize the importance of spending time with those they love. While the period saw an enormous increase in people using social networks, playing online games, and binging on OTTs, board games took an unlikely spot on the list. Board games served as useful distractions to keep children occupied and to bring families together. Not to mention the lesser screen times these games helped with.

Studies have also acknowledged that board games can enhance thinking skills that can last into adulthood. So ready to Have fun at home with board games? The following are six interesting classic board games to keep you entertained during the pandemic. Find out more here.

Classic Board Games That Will Keep You Hooked


It is easy to lose track of time playing Monopoly. Often, game enthusiasts recommend establishing ground rules to prevent the game from extending. There are also novel strategies available online that can be applied to your Monopoly game. Gamers often compare the satisfaction of playing a game of Monopoly to that of solving a Rubik’s cube. So, why wait? Grab your hold on to a monopoly game today and take our family along.

Snakes and ladders

This popular board game is pure luck-based, and every player has an equal chance of winning. Even though online versions of the game are popular, nothing beats playing it on the board. Play this interesting board game with your kids. You can make it more fun by placing minstrels in squares and letting them design their boards.


The classic mystery game is gripping from beginning to end. It’s all about identifying the real culprit. Gaming begins when a large group of people gets locked away in a big house. Players prefer to play this mystery game on the original classic board — if you want one, get it on eBay right now! This game requires six players and is a great time pass if friends visit over the weekend.


The perfect game for family gatherings over the weekend. It is sure to be a hit among kids. Each player will be able to pick their card with a question. And others will have to guess the answers. The player who gets the closest answer gets the point. The player who gets it right gets two points.


Don’t go with the name. It’s a good game despite its name. This board game contains trees of various sizes and a sun that covers the entire board. Each time the sun’s position changes, your trees shadow your opponents’ trees, causing them to lose points. The game requires quite a bit of skill and is best played by devoted players at home.


This board game is based on a classic film and has the same level of excitement as the film. Each player is a fisherman facing off against a shark. The game starts with you fighting the shark on the island. After you win, flip the board, and play continues in the ocean. Even though the game requires quite a bit of skill to master, it is a perfect board game for serious gamers at home.